The only Denim
with your initials

Sartoria Tramarossa is the only denim signed with the initials of the wearer.

The initials thought by Sartoria Tramarossa are small and precious metal letters to be applied and showed on the jeans. Sartoria gesture to embroide the name, becames as a sign of style.

Tramarossa World Team

We are really happy in informing you that we are on the process to create the T.W.T. "Tramarossa World Team" book.

Our goal is to get a complete introduction of all our international Tramarossa Staff.

Our company will organize and publish all the information received on Tramarossa website and on all others socialmedia.

Brand Profile

The project burst into life in 1967 when Chemello Urbano, a young, embarked on the production of blue jeans. At the time, denim was manufactored using shuttle looms and it was easily recognizable by its closed selvage.

The first pair of blue jeans made by Chemello Urbano was a red selvage denim, a colour which was feature of all denim fabrics of the time. This distinctive characteristic was the inspiration for the name: Tramarossa.

From then on and for forty years the name Tramarossa was only used on those jeans whose traces disappeared until today.

It was Urbano’s 4 sons, themselves, like the father, denim manufactorers who found the design along with the first Tramarossa research and who immediately understood the contemporary value of the project and decided to rekindle their father’s ideas.

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